Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check balance on my eGift?
You can contact the Merchant directly. Contact information should be listed on the eGift itself.
What if I don't receive the email containing my PIN or Card Number?
Check your inbox for the email address associated with your Target account (your login email address). Ensure that your inbox is not full. Your Card Number or PIN will come from If you do not see your email within a few hours please check your spam/junk folder. If you haven’t received your eGift within 48 hours, you can also go to the following webpage: and enter the email address used for your order on
How do I return this product?
There are no returns or refunds on gift cards.
Where will my purchase be delivered?
An email containing your eGift or steps to access your purchase will be sent to the email address that you used when you placed this order on If you regifted it on, then you can find record of this on
Who will the email come from?
You will receive an email from
What do I do if I receive an email with Steps To Access which take me to a website instead of my PIN?
Follow the instructions in the email. When you reach; enter your email to view your eGift.
How do I view my eGift?
You can go to webpage: and enter your email address to look up your eGift.
How do I redeem the value I purchased?
Please review the Redemption instructions on the eGift.
How quickly will I be able to use my purchase?
You can use the eGift as soon as you receive it.
How can I “re-gift” my eGift? (send my eGift to someone else)
Access your purchase through Click the “Regift” button next to the card being regifted. Fill out the fields and select “Send Gift”. Please Note: An eGift can be regifted multiple times, but only used once. A message will appear if the eGift has been previously regifted.
What if I receive an error that the gift email address is invalid?
Check the email address and retry.
How can I tell if an eGift has already been “re-gifted”?
A message will appear stating that the eGift has been previously regifted.
Still Need Help?
Please go to contact us.